2- Elementary School

Welcome to Elementary School!

Layla El-Sayed Shalaby
Head of Elementary School

The Mission of LWIS-AiS is to create a nurturing environment where students, faculty and families work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior and personal growth.

The Elementary functions as a vibrant center of transition into new academic cycles and beyond. It continues the Mission of shaping our students into life-long learners and enhances students’ abilities through its rich academic and individualized programs as well as educational and recreational activities which assist your children in becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers. 

Students are changing and growing and it is important to focus on the social/emotional development of your child while encouraging them to become decision makers which serves to enhance self-esteem as well as self-confidence. Life-long learning continues in Grades 1 through 4 where critical thinking is emphasized and creativity and self-expression are at the center of our teaching methodology along with learning centers, cooperative learning, and inquiry based learning. 
Additionally all students successfully navigates the information age of the 21st Century by incorporating Technology into all subject areas as well as encouraging students to explore, research and experiment during classroom activities.

Monthly thematic assemblies are held to promote such topics as "Friendship and Love”, "Respect” and "Responsibility”, "Peace” and "Making wise choices”.Our students learn the importance of diversity, and how each individual has their own unique characteristic that adds value to our school environment. Fine and Performing Arts are also offered as a part of the curriculum to enhance each student’s freedom of choice and their personal/social development.

Portfolios are kept where each student chooses their best work to place in the portfolio. This enables parents and teachers to monitor the growth and productivity of each child throughout the academic year.

Our teachers are not simply highly qualified but also dedicated to providing the best learning environment for your child. We take great pride in our curriculum which offers French, Arabic, English, Math, Science, Computer, Art, Music/Drama, PE and Martial Arts. Religion is offered to students in Grades 1 to 4 but is optional. Our curriculum also links peace education, diversity, and character education into all subjects’ areas. 
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