Use of Information Technology

 Definition of Technology

According to the 21stcentury skills, book entitled, "Teaching the four Cs with Technology,” LWIS-AiS students are able to communicate efficiently and organize information through using "substitution- augmentation- modification-redefinition.”

The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning. 










Computer technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers.

Students print out worksheet, finish it, pass it in.



Computer Technology offers an effective tool to perform common tasks.

Students take a quiz using a Google Form instead of using pencil and paper.


This is the first step over the line between enhancing the traditional goings-on of the classroom and transforming the classroom. Common classroom tasks are being accomplished through the use of computer technology. 

Students are asked to write an essay around the theme "And This I Believe...". An audio recording of the essay is made along with an original musical soundtrack.  The recording will be played in front of an authentic audience such as parents or teachers.



Computer technology allows for new tasks that were previously inconceivable. 

A classroom is asked to create a documentary video answering an essential question related to important concepts. Teams of students take on different subtopics and collaborate to create one final product.  Teams are expected to contact outside sources for information.


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