Learning Management Center

My e-School: 

My e-School is a comprehensive education management platform designed to meet the diverse needs of LWIS-AiS, with a specific emphasis on yearbook creation, grades management, and financial tracking. 

Key Features:


  • eSchool provides a user-friendly interface for LWIS-AiS yearbook. 
Grades Management:

  • LWIS-AiS have access to a secure portal where they can view grades and monitor academic performance.

Financial Tracking:

  • eSchool's financial module allows LWIS-AiS Community to track and manage financial transactions within the school. 

ManageBac: LWIS-AiS School Management System

ManageBac is a comprehensive school management system.

  • Curriculum Planning: ManageBac supports the planning and mapping of curricula, helping educators align their teaching with standards and objectives. This feature aids in maintaining a cohesive and structured academic program.
  • Student Information System (SIS): The system acts as a centralized repository for student data. 
  • Parent and Student Portals: ManageBac provides dedicated portals for parents and students, allowing them to access relevant curriculum planning and homework information. This promotes transparency and encourages parental involvement in the educational process.
  • Integrated Calendar: ManageBac often includes a calendar feature that helps users keep track of important dates, deadlines, and events within the school community.

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