Mission and Vision
LWIS-AiS promotes life-long learning through Peace Education, professional development, and facilitated classrooms that utilize differentiation, inquiry, cooperative learning, and interactive technology.
We endorse a partnership where students, parents, staff, and community members work together in a safe and nurturing environment to develop higher order thinking, academic excellence, ethical behavior, and personal growth. We honor the gift and support the need of every child. We also empower learners to become active and innovative contributors to an ever diverse international and multicultural society.

LWIS-AiS, home of Peace Education, will set the pace for holistic learner-centered education.
We offer an educational journey whereby students embrace their rights and responsibilities and have fun. We believe the journey will develop a learner who is a good communicator, a diversity celebrator, a critical thinker, a Peace Education endorser, a problem solver, a creative researcher, a team player, an effective leader, a technology proficient, a positive change agent, and an academic achiever.
Ability to achieve goals and overcome hurdles persistently  and continuously through intrinsic motivation
Ability to anticipate change and act quickly and proactively
Ability to communicate honestly and transparently free of ambiguity
Ability to recognize and understand others’ feelings, emotions, and thoughts
Ability to treat self and others with dignity and courtesy

Mailing List