School Fees

تحتفظ المدرسة بحقها في زيادة الأقساط المدرسية للعام الدراسي ٢٠١٧-٢٠١٨ بما يتناسب ومفاعيل القانون رقم ٤٦ المتعلق برفع الحد الأدنى للرواتب والأجور وإعطاء زيادة غلاء المعيشة لأفراد الهيئة التعليمية على أن يعتبر أي مبلغ مسدد عن ٢٠١٧- ٢٠١٨ دفعة على حساب القسط المدرسي والذي سيحدد خلال الفصل الأول من العام الدراسي .

The school reserves the right to increase tuition fees for the academic year 2017-2018 in line with Law Nr.46 conceding the minimum wage of salaries’ increase and the high cost of living to teachers in private schools.
Any payments made towards the 2017-2018 fees will be considered a payment on account of the tuition fees of 2017-2018 which will be finalized during the first term of the school year.

US$ 3350
US$ 3800
US$ 4600
(Grade 1 – Grade 4)
US$ 5700
(Grade 5 – Grade 8)
US$ 6500
(Grade 9 – Grade 10)
US$ 7300
(Grade 11 – Grade 12)
US$ 8200

  • KG1 -- G4 fees include breakfast.
  • Accident insurance is included in the tuition fees.
  • Family Reductions:  10 % reduction for the third child
                                     20 % reduction for the fourth child


US$ 100
Processing Fee:
A non-refundable processing fee is required of new applicants regardless of the outcome of the admission process.
US$ 500 (KG1-G2)
Development Fund:
A one-time payment is due at the time of registration for school development.
US$ 750 (G3-G6)
Development Fund:
A one-time payment is due at the time of registration for school development.
US$ 1000 (G7-G12)
Development Fund:
A one-time payment is due at the time of registration for school development.


US$ 1000
Yearly Fee ( required of all students by Feb 28 of the current year), a non-refundable payment towards:
  • Place Reservation and Registration
  • Agenda
  • Multimedia Use
  • Copy books
  • Book or Electronic Books rentals

  • Practice books
  • Use of Lab
  • Free Breakfast (KG1-G4)
US$ 200
Technology Fee per Student:
A yearly Fee (paid at the time of registration)
US$ 100
Bus Transportation Deposit:
A non-refundable payment towards place confirmation is deducted from the second installment of the tuition fee.
US$ 3000
Special Program Deposit:
This is required from all students requiring a special program.


The fees must be paid in two equal installments:

First Installment
Prior to and no later than September 1st
Second Installment
Prior to and no later than December 14th


Learning Support
  • US$ 4500 (average cost) in Preschool and Elementary School
  • US$ 5500 (average cost) in Middle, Junior, and Senior School

Academic Support and ESL
US$ 570-870 per hour

AP Courses
US$ 500 extra per course

Note: The actual cost of the Special Education Supplement is based on the needs of each student.

TRANSPORTATION FEES (Prices may change due to increased gasoline fees.)

The school provides transportation as far as north as Jbeil and as far as south as Jal El Dib, including the Metn district. Students are required to wear seat belts at all times and are accompanied by an adult on all school buses. Transportation fees will be paid along with the tuition fees in two equal installments and are as follows: 
Adma 800 Dbayeh 1750 Jounieh 1350 Sarba 1650
Amchit 1800 Dik Mehde/Mezher 1950 Jal El Dib 2000 Tabarja 1255
Adonis 1700 Fatka 700 Kfour 800 Zouk Mikael 1650
Ajaltoun 2050 Ghazir Lower 1350 Kfarhbab 1300 Zouk Mosbeh/Jesus the King 1750
Alayat 2100 Ghazir Middle 1500 Kfaryassine 900
Antelias 1850 Ghazir Jdeideh 1700 Kaslik 1600
Achrafieh 2900 Ghedrass 800 Maameltein 1255
Bouar 1350 Ghadir 1400 Moutayleb 2300
Ballouneh 2000 Halat 1600 Mastita 1800
Biyada 2150 Hopital Pasteur 1300 Naccache 1950
Broumana 2400 Harissa 1950 Roumieh 2400
Bsalim 2250 Jbeil 1650 Safra 1255
Dlebta 1850 Jeita/Ein Rihani 1950 Sahel Alma 1350

Some fees will be adjusted by the transportation office depending on the location within each of the listed areas.

 A fee of US$ 150 will be added to all students’ accounts to cover entrance fees, transportation, and snacks for field trips throughout the year.

US$ 40 per child
 US$ 10 per child

All students must wear the school uniform on the first day of school.
Uniforms and PE outfits are available for the cost of:
  • Preschool (KG1-KGII-KGIII) :  US$ 311
  • G1 to G12                                   :  US$ 354

The cost must be paid at the time of placing the order.
Kindly follow the alphabetical order set by the school.

  • SAT I, SAT II and TOEFL charges will be added directly to the Statement of Fees.
  • US$ 250 will be charged to every graduating student.
All fees paid to the school are not refunded regardless of the circumstances. Fees may increase during the year if the government imposes on the school an increase in salaries.

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