Parent Committee
Members of the LWIS-AIS Parents’ Committee are elected every three (3) years. They serve as a liaison between the parents and the school. 

Please find below the list of the new members of the Parent’s Committee for the academic years 2015/16, 2016/17 , and 2017/18.
Mrs. Rita Estephan
Vice President
Mrs. Chrystelle Tarabay
Mrs. Josie Younes
Mrs. Nabiha Louis
Financial Officer
Mr. Michel El Chartouni
Financial Officer
Mr. Elias Aoun

Mrs. Mona El Rakwe
Mrs. Joelle Hajj Moussa
Mrs. Nada El Khoury
Mrs. Arlette El Achkar
Mrs. Marcela Mikhael
Mrs. Julie Rammal

Mailing List