Parent Committee

The newly elected members of the Parents’ Committee held a meeting on Friday, November 16, 2018 at LWIS-AiS and have elected the following members, for the period of three years:

 President  Mrs. Nabiha Louis
 Vice-President  Mrs. Arlette El Achkar
 Secretary  Mr. Elias Aoun
 Treasurer  Mrs. Joelle Matar
 Member of Financial Committee (Parents)  Mrs. Nada El Khoury
 Member of Financial Committee (Parents)  Mrs. Crystelle Tarabay
 Member Mrs. Valentina Mubarak
Member Mrs. Bouchra Wazen
 Member Mr. Elias Aoun
 Member Mr. Bassel Akar
 Member Mrs. Christa Merjaneh
 Member Mrs. Nina Beaino
 Member Mrs. Patricia Azar
 Member Mrs. Amanda Moughabghab 
 Member Mrs. Arze Karkafi
 Member Mrs. Josie Younes
 Member Mrs. Jessy Dibo 

And on behalf of LWIS-AiS, the following members were appointed:

Member of Financial Committee
Mr. Sleiman Nasr
Member of Financial Committee
Mrs. Micheline Zgheib Tawil

Mailing List