LWIS-AIS, a Member of the Learner’s World International School (LWIS) network, embraces a Learner Centered Philosophy. We promote holistic development by integrating Peace Education, (Democracy and Citizenship, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Education, Health and Safety, and Service Learning) within all aspects of the school. LWIS-AIS utilizes differentiated learning in order to accommodate students’ diverse learning profiles, interest, and readiness. We believe all children have the right to learn and are capable of learning. LWIS-AIS teachers strive to create a safe and nurturing environment by emphasizing rights and responsibilities and by modeling school values. They also do their best to support challenged students and enrich gifted and talented ones. They utilize diverse teaching, learning, and assessment strategies which include interactive technology, cooperative learning, projects, portfolios, e-portfolios, case studies, centers, themes, service learning, field trips, lab work, and hands-on activities.

Additionally, we have become the First Green and Electronic school in Lebanon. Interactive Technology is present in every classroom and a laptop with e-books is used by each student. Solar Energy, LED lights, and recycling are present and utilized on a daily basis.
Moreover, the school has been accredited by  the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) since 2009.
We encourage parents to be partners in the learning process. We believe they have the right and responsibility to play a part in their children’s education. Their active involvement is a key element in helping students become successful and well balanced human beings.

We offer an educational journey whereby students embrace their rights and responsibilities and have fun. We believe the journey will develop a learner who is a good communicator, a diversity celebrator, a critical thinker, a Peace Education endorser, a problem solver, a creative researcher, a team player, an effective leader, a technology proficient, a positive change agent, and an academic achiever.

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